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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

We are pleased to introduce our Outlaws Development Team - Vice Captain for the 2019/20 season: Scott Raven.

We asked Scott why he put himself forwards for the Vice Captain position of the Outlaws Development Team.

A mysterious being attempts to tackle Raven before he escapes his enclosure.

Read the full interview below...

Outlaws Six Shots

Time at Club – 1 Year

Catch Phrase – "aces"

Reason for Joining Outlaws - I really missed participating in team sports, having played American Football at university.

I wanted to get into Rugby so I researched some teams local to the area.

Northampton Outlaws were the most willing to take on someone who was new & inexperienced, so I popped down to training one day to get a feel for the club.

Raven is once again spotted trying to escape, this time carrying a stolen egg.

Impression at First Training Session - So long American Football - hello Rugby! They walked me though the basics of the game at my own pace. We then did a few simple drills to practice what I had just learnt.

I had an absolute blast. Right away it was very clear that as well as being a place to learn the sport and develop skills, I was also joining a family.

Vision for Team’s Future – My vision is to focus on making the game as enjoyable as possible. My theory is, if you are enjoying the sport, you will naturally want to work harder, and see how much more you can do on the pitch.

This means maintaining an already outstanding training programme every week, thanks to our awesome coaches!

I would also really like to take the development team to an international tournament in the next couple of years, along side our First Team.

Biggest Impact Another Player Has Had on You – Sorry! I have to do two.

- Simon Law: So welcoming on my first training session and he continues to teach & guide me.

- Simon Chapman: My first ever Rugby captain, who has taught me an incredible amount; on and off the pitch.



What does being a Captain mean to you?

I'm absolutely honoured to be able to give back to a team that has given me so much over the past year. I want to develop my leadership skills and my understanding of the game as much as possible. I am incredibly grateful for being given this platform.

You guessed it, Raven tries to escape again and take the stolen egg with him.

Ultimately, being Vice Captain means being a leader on and off the pitch, and being ready and able to set an example when needs be.

What was your first ever training session like?

It was interesting finding out the similarities and differences between American Football and Rugby. I loved the freedom of running around and tackling without pads on. Tuning myself not to throw the ball over-arm was initially quite tricky though!

I joined with absolutely zero knowledge about Rugby, and I thought this might frustrate some of the coaches. Instead, there was a calm atmosphere; which really helped me think through and apply what I was learning.

Rather than screaming at us like Drill Sergeants we were given great feedback whenever we made mistakes - which helped me learn quickly!

Raven presents his stolen egg to his nesting chicks below.

What happens now?

This year has been an insane year so far.

After just one year I have:

  • Learnt the game and been appointed Development team Vice Captain.

  • Made a huge amount of new friends at the Outlaws, but also within other teams through social events.

  • Played in an international tournament – and we took home the plate.

  • Won the IGR Southern League title, scoring a try in the final.

My target moving forward is to encourage as many people as possible to join the ride too. Believe me, if I can do it, you can certainly do it too!

Raven is shown here with the two persons who captured him, and returned him to his enclosure.



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