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2022/23 Awards Dinner

We recently held our end-of-season award dinner; and what a night it was! The weather was glorious, the tables were decorated in Outlaws colours and the scene was set for the end of season awards dinner. In a change from previous years, our MC, Simon Chapman decided against dusting off his trusty Ceasar Romero cosplay and opted for the traditional chinos, shirt and tie.

With the bar open and the evening starting with an unusually prompt showing from the Outlaws, festivities began. Maybe we can take this punctuality into next season’s matches?

Now, a charcuterie board elegantly scattered with greenery might not be the first thing that you think of when you think of a rugby dinner but unlike some of our matches, we got off to a strong start.

Throughout the meal put on by the Old Scouts team members (thanks folks!) we took a break to give out some awards. In a change to previous awards evening, Simon was joined in the presentation by club stalwarts and previous winners/ runners up of these prestigious awards. The good news is we got through the whole ceremony without anyone dropping any part of the lavish multi-part trophies.

The winners for the night were: (nominee/WINNER)

  • Trainer of the Year: Tom Davis, Chris Agg, DUNCAN CURTIS

  • Kinky Boots Trainer of the Year: Hannah Strudwick, Jane Hubble, STEPH SMITH

  • Most Improved Player: Jordan Hurd, Tom Russell, DANNY WELLS

  • Development Player of the Year: Danny Wells, Zac Griffiths, DAN WEST

  • Breakthrough Player: Pel Pearcey, Ross Sharp, MARCUS RYAN

  • Player of the Year: AJ Sim, Aidan Sales, CRAIG HOARE

  • Players' Players: Pete Greenhill, Aidan Sales, KYLE MADDEN

  • Inlaw of the Year: Janine McKay, Chris Ives, JOSH JOHNSON

  • Outlaw of the Year (President's Cup): Steph Smith, Craig Hoare, MARK COTTEE

  • Top Try Scorer: Mark Dunkley, Jordan Hurd, Marc Harrison, Simon Chapman (All won!)

As the evening meandered on, recollections became increasingly hazy as to what happened and when. We can only put this down to the excellent bar service down at our parent club, Northampton Old Scouts RFC. The team behind the bar did a cracking job of making sure our glasses were filled.

Finally…the dessert was a triumph, that is if you grew up with siblings as some of the Outlaws seemed to miss the basic rule of eating as a family – if you leave something unguarded for more than a minute, it will be snaffled by your siblings. So, I will say this to the Outlaws who returned to their tables looking for their cheesecake only to be greeted by an empty plate. You snooze, you lose! Think of that cheesecake as being like a ball that pops out of the back of a scrum. If you’re near it, it’s yours.

After the dessert, we had the final speeches from our club president, team captains and of course the celebration of the Outlaws 2nd team who brought home silverware from the Union Cup. As the evening wore on, for those young and/or cool enough to stay out after 11:00, the Boston (one of our amazing sponsors, an LGBTQ+ bar in Northampton) was calling to continue the celebrations of another amazing year.

Here’s to next season, folks!

Who are we? OUTLAWS!



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