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This page should answer any questions you might have, but if not just contact us at the bottom of the page and let us know!

  • What kit do I need?
    Something you'll be comfortable running around in for two hours! If you've got suitable rugby kit, great. It's also worth bringing a towel and change of clothes for afterwards...we live in England and train all year around, so it's wise to! Eventually you'll want some studded boots but we can usually lend you these for the first couple of training sessions until you've got your own. Let us know before you arrive and we'll arrange some for you. Note, for hard-ground and touch games generally moulded-stud boots are used.
  • How old do I need to be?
    Touch Rugby: To play touch rugby, you need to be 16, or have a parent/appropriate adult present. Contact Rugby: For contact rugby, you're allowed to train from 17, and play in matches after approval. From 18, you can take part in all positions in all forms of rugby. There's no upper age limit either, so no matter how late you join, there'll be something for you to get involved in. Our current members are 18-56, so lots of variety and experience. It's simply a case of if you want to give it a go, we'll show you how. For anyone under 16, we can help you find a suitable home in our host clubs mini & junior program.
  • Are there changing facilities?
    Yes, we have our own Outlaws communal changing rooms and shower facilities. There's no obligation to use these, and you're welcome to arrive changed, but the changing rooms are there for all of us. If you would like a more discreet area to change and/or shower on your own, we can also provide this. Just let us know in advance or when you arrive.
  • What are "in-laws"
    In-laws are the partners of our players & supporters of the club. We wouldn't be where we are today without their continuous support & we wouldn't go anywhere without them. They're a full part of the club & the Outlaws family.
  • Do I need to be gay to join?
    No! While many of our members are LGBTQ+, we're open to all sexualities, and we have a varied mix across the team. There are lesbian, gay, straight, bi, pansexual and name it! The purpose of IGR is inclusivity, and an opportunity for anyone and everyone to learn rugby in a supportive & welcoming environment, free from toxic cultures which can exist in some sporting environments. We focus our recruitment on the LGBTQ+ community because they were often deprived of the opportunity at a young age to learn the sport we love, but everyone is welcome at the Outlaws.
  • What matches do you play?
    We play locally in the EMRU Merit League, the UK IGR League as well as development friendlies for totally new players. Because of this mix, it means we have matches at all ability levels enabling you to continue your training progress in matches against players around the same experience level.
  • Where and when do you train?
    Men's training is every Tuesday from 7pm-9pm We also have Sunday Mixed Gender Touch Rugby on Sunday afternoons from 2pm-4pm - this includes training for our women's Kinky Boots (KB) team Our home ground is Northampton Old Scouts RFC, and we have RFU qualified coaches leading the sessions. Address: Northampton Old Scouts RFC, Rushmere Rd, Northampton, NN1 5RY
  • I'm trans, can I join?
    Of course you can. We welcome all people regardless of gender identity. We offer a variety of types of rugby to cater for everyone, get in touch for more details.
  • Can I just watch for my first time?
    Sure! If you want to just come and observe for the first time, that's fine, and we'll happily answer any questions & you can see how training work. Though, we're pretty sure you'll want to join in because it's a great fun experience.
  • How many people attend training
    Most weeks we get about 20-30 people training on Tuesdays, and numbers on Sunday's vary from 8-18 depending on our Saturday activities.
  • How much does it cost?
    Your first month is absolutely FREE. We want you to focus on learning rugby, making friends and enjoying the team sport family environment. After that, it's £10/month if you're in full time employment which gets you various club benefits. If you play any of our league games, we ask for £5 a game, which helps us to cover the costs of grounds, referees etc. No one should be deprived of playing because of a financial situation though, so we'll always work to ensure it isn't a barrier to participation. Speak to any of the leaders for a discreet conversation and plan.
  • Do I need rugby experience to join?
    Not at all. The vast majority of our players have started with little to no experience at all. We have dedicated RFU qualified coaches & we're totally geared up to teach you everything you need to know to play the game. It's not all about practical action either, we'll provide you with some theory and technical knowledge about the game too, so you can understand terminology & rugby specific language. If you have prior experience then you'll still benefit from our regular training & coaching set up.
  • What is the social side like?
    We hold regular social events, and our club members regularly meet up outside of training and games for all sorts of reasons. The social aspect is really important to us and we try to promote it as much as we can. We have a dedicated Social Secretary who organises a wide variety of fun activities for everyone. We like to think of the club as a big family, so there's always someone to talk to or socialise with, whatever your other hobbies outside rugby.
  • What is IGR?
    IGR is International Gay Rugby – the global membership organisation for LGBTQ+ and inclusive rugby clubs. They have around 84 member clubs in 20 rugby nations across 5 continents. Their mission is to promote equality and diversity in particular the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identification and to promote good health through the playing of rugby.
  • 150 Caps
    Simon Law (SL12) - 15th January 2022 Simon Chapman (SC7) - 19th March 2022
  • 200 Caps this space!
  • 100 Caps
    Simon Chapman (SC7) - 17th November 2018 Simon Law (SL12) - 15th December 2018 Steve Orton (SO22) - 8th June 2019
  • 2022/23 Season Award Winners
    In nominee / WINNER format: Trainer of the Year: Tom Davis, Chris Agg, DUNCAN CURTIS Kinky Boots Trainer of the Year: Hannah Strudwick, Jane Hubble, STEPH SMITH Most Improved Player: Jordan Hurd, Tom Russell, DANNY WELLS Development Player of the Year: Danny Wells, Zac Griffiths, DAN WEST Breakthrough Player: Pel Pearcey, Ross Sharp, MARCUS RYAN Player of the Year: AJ Sim, Aidan Sales, CRAIG HOARE Players' Players: Pete Greenhill, Aidan Sales, KYLE MADDEN Inlaw of the Year: Janine McKay, Chris Ives, JOSH JOHNSON Outlaw of the Year (President's Cup): Steph Smith, Craig Hoare, MARK COTTEE Top Try Scorer: Mark Dunkley, Jordan Hurd, Marc Harrison, Simon Chapman (All won!)
  • 50 Caps
    Simon Chapman (SC7) - 16th April 2016 Simon Law (SL12) - 21st May 2016 Steve Orton (SO22) - 5th November 2016 Rich Dunn (RD8) - 30th April 2017 Andi Dixon-Mould (ADM4) - 8th June 2018 Brad Chapman (BC6) - 22nd September 2018 Pete Farrar (PF29 )- 8th December 2018 Marc Burgess (MB56) - 16th March 2019 Marc Harrison (MH27) - 22nd February 2020 Darren Ginn (DG80) - 11th September 2021 Nic Peterson-Stocks (NPS32) - 11th September 2021 Dave Maule (DM51) - 18th September 2021 Brad Collier (BC63) - 12th February 2022 Paul Anderson (PA15) - 12th February 2022 Craig Hoare - (CH85) - 11th March 2023 Kevin Stokes (KS114) - 28th April 2023 Matt Nixon (MN122) - 28th April 2023 Darren Abel (DA50) - 28th April 2023 Nick Boyd-Vaughan (NBV17) - 16th September 2023 Ross Lowe (RL125) 14th October 2023


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